Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Calipari talks about ending Kentucky vs. Carolina series

Coach Calipari gives over-scheduling as the reasoning behind breeching the end of the UNC vs. Kentucky home+home series but also throws out the possibility of canceling Indiana or Louisville instead. In my opinion Kentucky needs to rethink their position and if it's absolutely necessary to end the series against one of the 3 teams mentioned then the Hoosiers have to be the ones to go. Louisville is a heated rivalry for obvious reasons and they shouldn't deprive the state of Kentucky their chance to gain bragging rights for the next year. I have a feeling that neither school wants to jeopardize the money that's at stake for a game of that magnitude for both schools.

As far as the North Carolina argument to stay, do I really even need to spell it out for you??? IT'S NORTH CAROLINA VS. KENTUCKY! Coach Cal and the Wildcats continue to bring in the top recruiting class in the nation year after year. They've sent the top pick to the NBA almost every year with Tyreke Evans, John Wall, Derrick Rose and then even Knight went in the top 10 last year. Kentucky has established themselves as a premier landing spot for "1 and done" players and they know that Calipari has the proven track record to make it happen.

Then you have North Carolina and Roy Williams, he brings in class after class filled with Mcdonalds All-Americans at a clip that no other coach can compare to. Carolina is always stocked with talent and this year is no different, the match-up that's on the horizon has been talked about daily for weeks, what better promotion for the game then 2 of the best teams in the country squaring off at the early part of the season. It's a measuring stick for both coaches, and a boon for fans across the country. How can we even consider ending such a popular game? What would be making headlines if not for this star-studded match-up? Just think, we'd be waiting months and months to end the Tar Heels vs. Wildcats debate.

Calipari talks Big Blue Basketball + Possible Scheduling Scenarios

+Joshua Hastings