Friday, December 2, 2011

Time for the Eagles fans to trade in your Eagles jackett for that Flyers sweatshirt and get back in business!

Loses piling up combined with enough stars injured to form half a pro-bowl team has the Philadelphia Eagles setting themselves up for one of the most disappointing seasons in team history and quite possibly the worst record for a team that was one of the favorites to win the Superbowl just a couple months ago when the season began.

The loss to the lowly Seattle Seahawks may be the nail in the coffin for the team with such high expectations to start from everyone from fans, coaches across the league, reporters, sports analysts and players. Maybe it was the pressure they put on themselves with all of the predictions and playoff talk before they even stepped on the field. Maybe it was the fragility of their franchise quarterback who has proven to be tough but toughness dosen't matter when your getting sacked 5-7 times every game and then taking hits on every other play sometimes. 

Andy Reid won't throw his players under the bus ever, he's too good for that both as a coach and as a man, the first in line for the firing squad would be Desean Jackson if you ask many Philly fans. Philly is a hardworking, blue collar city and as fans they're known as brask to the point that even their own players hear their wrath, sometimes in GAMES THEY WIN! They took it to the extreme with the snowball fight heard round the world as they berated Santa with chats, vulgarities that would make a sailor blush and snowballs. And this wasn't your neighborhood fight that had your mom standing on the porch laughing and joining in either....this was one of those, don't bring a snowball to an ice-ball fight type of every man women and child for themself. 

Back to Jackson, what they love about him is also what fans across the world and even some in his own locker-room hate about him, that flashy, look at me, game-changing plays that just drip of arrogance but have you shaking your head in amazement as he ends up in the endzone....but between some nagging injuries and his public stance on deserving, wanting, and now may never getting, that BIG contract extension. It's one thing to talk about it while your going to work everyday and suiting up because you have your teammates backs and are going to go to war with them regardless of how angry you are with ownership; but if that angry, "under-paid", rich, arrogant, wide receiver isn't coming out ready to play every other game then you have to start it just really hurting him that they don't see how much he means to the team and he wants to fight with his friends for years to come, THAT'S why he wants that new contract, it's not about the money per-se. Or is he protecting himself and his future by taking plays off, not going hard over the middle, not trying to come down with that big catch if it means a big hit, and not caring enough to put in the work during the week so you don't have big drops every game that you never had as much past years?

We've all seen how talented the guy is, he's dominated games like only a few have before him sometimes, but his talent has NEVER been his achilles heel, the question that is only going to get louder and louder is, DOES HE CARE? and that's one of those that can go with a lot of different things and still hold true. Does he care about winning, or is it just stats so he can get the accolades and attention? about how the fans think of him, or does it not matter cause you don't want to talk to them unless you have to and even then only to let them know what size to go get you out of the back of the store? Does he want to be great or just good enough to get paid to live large for his life and then just be done with it? 

It's going to say a lot when his next contact does get signed, will he start doing all those interviews ripping what he was offered by this team, and talking about private discussions just to drive up his price hopefully, and does he just sign for whoever pays the most, or is it going to be somewhere that will pay a little less but he could be the missing link to their championship runs, and soon. I can't wait to see, I wish him all the best, I do think he's a little misunderstood, but I believe you should trust 50% of what someone tells you, so maybe he shouldn't be public enemy #1 in the City of Brotherly Love....let's say #5! haha!!!!


+Joshua Hastings