Sunday, August 9, 2015

49ers promising d-end continues to endanger the lives of others and STILL can't accept that he is in the wrong!!!!! story on defensive linemen Aldon Smith

Wow. Seriously, WTF, Wow. Ok, so your a stud NFL player and you've made some bad choices over the early part of your professional career and throughout your college years. To be honest, you've made A LOT of bad choices. The fact of the matter is god only knows how much trouble you've actually caused because I can guarantee that he didn't get his first DWI the first time he EVER drank and drove, and I feel more then comfortable saying his second DWI, along with vandalism and leaving the scene of the accident were not the second time in his life he drank and drove. Hell, he left the scene because he knew damn well he shouldn't have been driving. 

YOUR AN NFL PLAYER. YOUR NOT LIKE A PRACTICE SQUAD GUY WHO MAKES 40K A YEAR LETTING YOU RUN HIM OVER. You make great money. You would be making even greater money if you had just had the decency to call a cab. If that's too "embarrassing" to big bad you, THEN CALL A DAMN LIMO. But don't get on the roads and put innocent lives in danger because your an idiot. Really though, thank goodness he didn't hurt anyone seriously....