Friday, August 14, 2015

Good ol Johnny Football is a man of his least this time he is article link

Mr. Manziel has had many past digressions. Digressions of all kinds. Some bothering opposing fans like his trademark "money sign" after scoring a TD which he crafted at Texas A+M throughout a stellar college career. Unfortunately he decided to bring it with him to Cleveland and that's where quarterbacks go to die....and fittingly, so did the money sign.

Manziel played sparingly but did drive the team 36 yards on his second possession after a Redskins fumble on a punt return. After scampering for the 12 yard score, Johnny Football made possibly the first wise choice of his career....he turned around and embarrassed his teammates. One step in the right direction as far as I can see.

What do you think of Mr. Football now? Has your opinion changed since last years disastrous outcome???