Tuesday, August 11, 2015

In the NOT so shocking news world Geno Smith is out 6-10 weeks

ProFootballTalk article

Now, this is the Jets being the JETS.... It's not a total surprise that Geno Smith won't be taking first team reps for the next few months. It's not a total surprise that he won't be taking the back up reps either. What shocking is that it's not his performance that took him out of the lineup. It was damage done by an angry teammate. Jets linebacker linebacker IK Enemkpali seemingly out of nowhere walked up to his starting quarterback in the locker room and cold cocked him. It's been reported that the Jets immediately released the obviously unintelligent linebacker. 

We've seen fights daily on sportscenters coverage of NFL training camps. Id venture to guess that there have been literally a few on every team in the NFL. That what happens when you mix massive athletic rich young men in the heat of competition. So fights are not what one would call rare however, this is the first time in the 20 plus years i've been watching football that I have EVER HEARD OF A PLAYER, LET ALONE A TEAMMATE PUNCH HIS OWN STARTING QB IN THE FACE...NOT DURING THE HEAT OF A PLAY OR PASSION OF THE MOMENT BUT IN THE LOCKER ROOM.

Once again this is just another story line in the bad news jets awful existence this decade. This was the year Geno was supposed to show what he had now that he's been given weapons to go with his top 10 defense....and the addition of Revis Island. I just hope this doesn't completely derail there entire season. You'd think they could find someone to at least match Geno's very mediocre output but that's always easier said then done against NFL defenses.