Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Juice or No Juice....I'm going to confidentially say NO JUICE but I reserve the right to change my opinion if this "growth continues at this pace" article by Eamonn Brennan

Ok, I'm not exactly sure why i'm not jumping all over this obvious transformation like it was A-Roid and the Rangers. But it feels more like pre-A-Roid, like maybe A-Rod when he was in Seattle.... Just an incredibly athletic teenager beyond his years and finally having a professional explain diet, exercise, maybe a protein shake here and there between the bench press and the situps....

Who really knows these days? Right now Alex Rodriguez looks like he's having a hell of a breakout season....again.....after sitting out nearly two years from professional baseball. He's mashing home runs like he never left to begin with. AND HE'S AT THE RIPE AGE OF 40 RIGHT NOW!!!! The cheaters are always going to be ahead of the game. 10 years ago anabolic steroids stayed in your system for weeks and the testing was extremely minimal, then came stuff like the cream which was undetectable within days, and now some stuff is gone in hours....

Like I said, i'm going to give this kid and the Cal trainer the benefit of the doubt. This very well could be the first time Rabb has been on a workout schedule, along with a better diet, and nutrients. I hope we never have to deal with steroids in college sports like we have had to in the professional ranks. Although we never really had a problem publicly in the NBA and therefor maybe we won't in the NCAA.

Ivan Rabb looks like one great prospect and the best thing to go to California for basketball in a long time. Let's hope these new found muscles don't interfere with that deadly shot. It sure looks like its going to be a huge help slashing to the rim with that new look!!!