Friday, August 14, 2015

Stan Wawrinka talking tough after Nick Kyrgios takes it below the belt tennis article

During his tennis match against fourth ranked Stan Wawrinka Australian Nick Kyrgios was heard on a court microphone saying his friend and fellow Aussie Thanasi Kokkinakis who played mixed doubles with Stan's girlfriend 19 yo Donna Vekic, had slept with her. Tennis is one of those sports that prides itself of sportsmanship, somewhat similar to golf. The fines seem minuscule compared to what we are used to hearing for numbers in football and basketball but Kyrgios was fined both a $10,000 for "verbal abuse" and another $2500 for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Alright, while the comment was crude, I have to admit, this whole hubub over an insult is kinda irritating to me....Think about all of the horrible atrocities going on in the world today, Genocide and rape going on across parts of Africa, the alarming treatment of Muslim women in some cultures, children forced to work by the time they can walk basically across Asia....COME ON PPL GET A DAMN GRIP!!!!!

Stan, I get it, you have to stand up for your girlfriend, otherwise you ain't gonna be hittin that for a whileeeeee. Now, the story does't get into when the kid actually slept with his girlfriend supposedly. I assume they are inferring that she cheated on him, but that's not anywhere in the reporting as far as I can see.

So ppl, what's the deal? What do you think should happen to Krygios? Is Stan right to be demanding such severe punishment for words he couldn't even hear if not or those court-side mics???