Thursday, August 13, 2015

UCLA wants to ride 18 year old freshmen Josh Rosen to the promised land....and a bowl college football preview link

If your going to be called "the chosen one" a la Lebron James back in the Mount St. Mary's days, you better take each step on and off the field like it's all part of your master plan. Incoming true freshmen Bruin, Josh Rosen, has all the right high school credentials but the next step means taking over the starting QB role while competing against two minimally recruited Juniors after the departure of last years hit or miss slasher Brett Hundley. While Hundley did make it to the NFL, it's likely he's going to be relegated to a lifetime backup. He lacks accuracy, and the "it" factor when a play breaks down. More Vick then Manning he's going to get hurt if he doesn't protect his body at the next level.

Back to Mr, Rosen. The recipe for success in football often times means relying on the other men on the roster to do their job and that allows you to shine. Obviously the quarterback position is the focus in football but without a line to keep him upright, a running back to keep the linebackers honest and receivers who can anticipate the throws, that quarterback isn't going to look quite a shiny as he did on the first day of practice. 

Well, that all bodes well for QB1 because the Bruins are returning 6 starters on the offensive line, the top rusher in the Pac 12 named Paul Perkins and the leading contender for top draft pick in the division in linebacker Myles Jack. This all doesn't mean the division is going to be handed to them but it's a great start to a promising college career for Josh Rosen.