Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I've got good news and then i've got some rather frightening bad news...

I think we as football fans, and any other players from our local sports teams, try and find an excuse when there is one to justify our hero's poor judgment. Players from Incognito, Greg Hardy, Adrian Peterson have all managed to have at least one suitor that is more then willing to pay for their services.

Each transgression should be taken and investigated individually. Obviously the players and their union want someone, anyone other the Roger "I didn't see the Rice video".

I really feel like the "heads up" initiative for tackling at the lower levels all the way up through high school is a step in the right direction. With all the facts about degenerative brain disease coupled with the very public suicides of some popular players, there are more reasons then even to walk away once your financially set in order to give you the best chance of keeping your faculties.

So, who do you not want your team to EVER even contemplate signing....

Ray Rice
Adrian Peterson
Greg Hardy
Aaron Hernandez...I know he's cooked but before the serial killer in him came out