Monday, April 20, 2015

Take a position and let it flow!!! ANGELS players union rep vs. Ownership of said Angels vs Josh Hamilton vs Mrs. Josh Hamilton

Would it be harder to come back from another relapse of booze and blow to compete at the major league level or to deal with a divorse from the women who stood by his side while gently guiding him in the right direction for both him professionally and personally for their family.  Anyone who has either directly or even indirectly knows it can get bad...very bad. It's one of those times where the saying, "its gonna get a lot worse before it gets better". story

While im certainly not qualified with respect to his bank account to know how much that either helps or hinders divorce proceedings. Personally, looking in from the outside I can't see how someone can say having hundreds of millions of dollars is a negative. And I've def heard plenty of ppl complain about not being able to afford gas, or Christmas gifts or a car ect ect but I still think its pretty shady that the owner of the team has been on record saying that the team should be released from his obligation to pay the player for the amount he signed for. A for effort Artie but your going to have to dig into your ridiculously over stuffed wallet and lock up Mr. Trout with your own money, not from screwing Josh Hamilton out of what you agreed to pay him. I know how all you owners, or at least the great majority of them, somehow spin the story to downplay exactly what you are making after ticket sales, concession stands and TV deals which continue to grow rapidly. Now that's the owner vs player part.

Divorce is a sad thing. It can be sad for both parties involved, but more often then not it seems like by the time the D word is out there, Mr. and the Mrs. both are more angry then sad and that's too grandparents were together for nearly 60 years. Couldn't find one without the other from middle school until the day my grandfather suffered a heart attack and passed. People don't take their vows as seriously as they should in my humble opinion. If your fighting over stupid little things remember how amazing you felt that night you first met, or the night you said I Do. Try counseling. Do whatever you can think of and either agree to disagree or simply compromise, its what adults do!

I don't know how I would deal with drug abuse when I would have so much to lose but I know from personal experience that once some drugs get ahold of you, they won't let go until you put in the necessary work. You can't half ass it. I've been clean since May 5th, 2013....that's my redemption and I'll be fighting to keep it that way the rest of my life....

What's your opinion?  Love to know what everyone thinks???