Monday, October 24, 2011

Can the Rangers make the Cardinals their next victim or is Puljos going to continue to add to his legacy with the 2011 World Series Championship

+Joshua Hastings

While the Cardinals continue to win the games there supposed to win it's the Rangers who have gotten some great pitching performances from some of their more unheralded pitchers. Just when you think they could be on the brink of being susceptible to being in that definative position of losing that game and in the hole nearly impossible to climb out of they bring their hard hats and go to work. If they hadn't won game 2 they would have been in the unenvyable 2-0 hole, nearly identical game was game 4. Derek Holland pitched a crucial game where a loss would have meant 3-1 and a loss away from vacation in disney world....but not the I just won the trophy so let's go to DISNEY WORLD! kind of thing. It would have been the "honey pack up the kids, were going to go have some fun at disney so I can get away from Texas ASAP.

In some of the more surprising performances, the bats or Cruz and Napoli have carried the Texas while the expected pitching of Chris Carpenter has kept the Cardinals one step ahead most of this series. So will it be the Rangers bats waking up tonight and putting the pressue on the Cardinals for once or will Carpenter add another gem to his list of pitching performances this world series and put an earlier then expected trip to see Disney in the back of some Rangers fans minds?

Love to hear your game 5 and world series predictions so leave your comments....i'll tell you who i'm picking too!