Tuesday, October 25, 2011

College Basketball Recruiting Changes Coming Soon to your door!

Details on proposed recruiting changes - Dave Telep Blog Blog - ESPN:

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Whether its Twitter, Facebook, Google, Tumblr, Email, Text, Phone call, official visit, unofficial visit, Good Ol Roy Williams stopping by your AAU tournament because of the assistants talking up this beast of a kid James McAdoo or Duke's assistants giving Coach K the go ahead to see Austin Rivers and after 1 look he knew that he needed the kid. The thing is the NCAA has more rules then they know what to do with, a series lack of control over them, with compliance departments consistently talking about being understaffed what do you expect? Then, you have the problem that some of the rules that you have are so arbitrary and outdated that they don't even apply in this day in age. It's just like the original laws written for the colonies in the east. There are laws in the books saying it's illegal to walk your cows on Sundays on main street, or something to that effect. WHAT? Well, back then, church was still Sunday but there was only 1 that everyone went to, so you couldn't have the local farmer walking 200 cows through the town. Does that still apply to Alexandria Virginia now? HAHA, I laugh at the thought of the Cavaliers student body herding sheep through campus and being arrested.

 Laws need to be amended to fit with society and development. It's the same idea with some of these rules, there's no point in limiting the number of emails a coach can send during the offseason or during the season ect anymore because that's not how kids are communicating. Social Networking has changed the corse of college athletics and therefor college recruiting. Either the coaches will step up and adjust and adapt to the new environment or they will get left behind. I can think of 1 coach in college right now that really exemplifies "Old School" and that's Joe Paterno from the Penn State Nitney Lions football team. The man holds the record for college football wins, and continues to add to it with each victory and his legacy has been cemented for the past 20 years. Ok, back to basketball though.

Proposed Rules That Are Most Important In My Opinion:

Changing all of April's events to not count towards the 7 official contacts that you have total for the year which would allow coaches to see as many players, teams at as many events as possible to get a better idea of whether a player either is right for the team and also to see if the team is right for the player. 

June 15th is the big one. After that date during a prospects sophmore year in high school the battles begin for the upper tier talent. For the next 2.5 years these young men will be told how great they are, how they are going to be developed into a star and go onto fame and fortune in the NBA. This is why it's important for prospects to have a support system that they can trust and count on has there best interest in their hearts. College basketball is BIG BUSINESS NOW AND IF ANYONE SAYS DIFFERENT THEIR LYING. PERIOD. Coaches pay raises depend on wins and loses, contract bonuses, extensions, as well as the athletic director with all the same things but he's gotta worry about all the sports and hope it's not bad everywhere and he's the one put in the FIRING LINE.  And Assistant Coaches are in the unenviable position of being at the bottom of the totem pole. They don't make decisions on who to make offers to, they make suggestions. It's their fault when a player doesn't commit though, it seems like the coach gets the credit when the teams get a big signee but when they miss out on one it's the assistant coach that the kid didn't feel comfortable with, or he didn't like the "style of play".

Unlimited contacts in July for so coaches will be texting and calling up a storm. See, this one is the one that stands out to me. July is the kids off time, it's their summer away from school. Yes, they are at this point basically working already because the next few years will be his foundation for where he attends college which involves how much publicity and exposure he gets, playing time, and level of perceived quality to develop players that will be NBA ready. I think texts is going to be the big one. Players all have cell phones by then just like every other high school kid in the country so it's not like they can go out to dinner and a movie with the girlfriend to "get away" and clear their head, come home and check their email to see which coaches had something to say today. No, now there could be a priority recruit that has an assistant coach assigned to be contacting him at specific times every day all day for all of the days possible throughout the next 2.5 years. Ok and use someone like this years #1 prospect, Shabazz Mohammed; he is the most important piece that's out there and a lot of programs have been watching hime. Now imagine those 30 text messages he's getting from that assistant we already talked about, now multiply that times the 17 coaches that are trying to get him. That's 595 text messages! AND THAT'S EVERYDAY! For yearsssssssssss. Would you want that? I know that I wouldn't, even if he trimms it to 3 teams say, that's still 105 texts besides the girls and friends he's already going to be texting. He's got schoolwork, Sat's, final exams and making their school choice is a life altering decision and now they have all these adults in their ear telling them where they should go. That's why as I mentioned earlier, SUPPORT SYSTEM. Whether it's 2 parents together, a mother, father, grandma, aunt, cousin or coach. There has to be someone that you and your family can look in the eye and trust when he says, well, coach x from y def has your best interest in mind so that a positive.

Player's and their (2) parents or guardians travel expenses can now be paid for by the school for the official visits. This is another big one because it was happening one way or another anyways, it needed to be brought out into the light somehow and by allowing the school to publically cover necessary charges it only makes sense. Think about it like this....these schools are trying to recruit these kids to come and play for them from anywhere from 1 year to 4 years depending on how the minimum rookie age requirement ends up after the NBA lockout. Maybe the kid is open to whoever wants him thats out of his home state of Florida because he wants to live away from home and have fun/grow up. Well, there are 8 schools interested in him playing for them so after thinking he cuts his list down to 5, with schools in California, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Wisconsin. Schools assistants are calling daily trying to set up this official visit but this player just keeps making excuses why he can't come this day and then that day all because he is embarassed that he cant even afford the plane ticket to South Carolina let alone home and that's the CLOSEST of the five schools. His mom is already working 55 hours a week just to keep the apartment paid up and the lights on and because he's been playing AAU every offseason he literally has no time with travel practices and games to help out himself. This is where these shady characters start coming around and we wonder why these kids fall prey. Actually we seem to blame those kids most of the time when in reality they arn't even doing anything that the same middle class recruit in the Northeast is doing, it's just that the kid from Maine has a lawyer for a dad that's paying for all the camps, recruiting trips, food, lodging, ect. Why shouldn't this kid have the same chances that everyone else is getting? He's worked just as hard, maybe even harder considering that he had 3/10 of the resources the other kid had, no basketball court for 5 miles within his house, he didn't have a dad to build a full size court in the back yard for pickup games. 

All i'm saying is i'm glad some changes are being made but there still needs to be more, just like anything worth anything in life it's a process and it takes time.....but these kids are our future, THEY ARE WORTH IT!

+Joshua Hastings