Tuesday, October 25, 2011


FullTilt Poker is planning on hosting a $30 million dollar poker tournament at Wembley Stadium now that they finally are out of the incompetant/greedy/deceptive/thieving hands of past owners that have been charged with a number of felonies and sold to new ownership. There are a number of people including myself who have money tied up in the full tilt poker mess. Since the government froze all of the assets there are thousands of ppl in a state of limbo with their funds tied up unable to be accessed.

The oddities and unique qualities of this event have started to be dissected now that more details are available such as the fact of it being held in Wembley Stadium which in and of itself is a quite amazing quality and draw for participants but the first rounds will be played online. YES, I SAID IT, THE FIRST ROUNDS WILL ACTUALLY BE PLAYED FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD....anywhere you have a connection you have a chance to be the next multi-millionaire to gain stardom in the poker circuit. Think it's going to favor the younger generation who has played millions and millions of hands in a few years while there are veterans who have played 20 years and not amassed that many? Will the older bracelet holders be able to hold on during the online portion so that they make it to the felt? Once on the felt does the pengellum swing back towards the grizzled veterans or is it now a young mans game regardless?

This is obviously a huge attention grab for Full Tilt to gain back some fans and players since they were previously shut down for mismanagement of player funds. Many will never think of them in the same light again, some are waiting to see how the money situation is handled before they come to a decision and some are willing to move on because the new owners didnt do anything wrong, they acutally helped by purchasing Full Tilt and getting everyone back to their online poker room and the benefits that come with it. In my opinion Full Tilt had some of the best available features such as prizes, point system was by far the best for player appreciation/rewards and games were constructed well.

Personally, i'm willing to give these new owners a shot and am excited that i will get to see full tilt back up and running again. I don't have anywhere near the funds to play in the Wembley stadium event but someday i plan on playing in the world series of poker and hopefully on the circuit but we can talk about that another time....hope to see you all online someday, good luck to all.....

+Joshua Hastings