Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft interview piece and my take

Soundbites from Robert Kraft - New England Patriots Blog - ESPN Boston:

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Kraft is probably one of the most prepared and influential owners in all of football so when he says that the increased amount of minor injuries that have occurred so far this season are a result of a lack of offseason in the typical form it's just understood.

When Kraft talks about how great of a guy welker is and how incredible he has been to come back from that injury and regain his pro bowl form it just really seems like he's buttering him up for another of those patriots patented low-ball offers they are so known for. I really really hope they don't alienate this guy though, he has been nothing but a consummate professional from day 1, busted his ass to get back from the injury quicker then anyone could have imagined and has regained his pro bowl form while putting up another record breaking statistical year. He is not out to break the bank and you can just tell that by listening to him talk for 20 minutes, since he's came to the Pats from lowly Miami he's found a home that's fit him perfectly, there is something called "the patriot way" and your either programmed that way or your not, there isn't one guy i've seen other then Corey Dillon come in clearly with some problems and leave a happy content man. Moss went from problem to amazing back to problem and now he's proposed to Bellicheck and Brady both i think multiple times in the last years since he was let go. I don't get it, but whatever you see what i'm saying. 

What do you think Welker's offer should be? I propose 4 years 35 million and go to 40 if he needs it to stay cause he's not going to ask anyways.

+Joshua Hastings