Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Charity Swearbox, a Twitter Swear Jar for a Good Cause

Charity Swearbox, a Twitter Swear Jar for a Good Cause:

From my Google +1 post below:

What a great idea, no matter what charity you choose, giving money or time to a non-profit organization is a great's not about how much you put in more then everyone else, well it is to some ppl and whatever it's cool with me, i'll give you the proverbial "stroke" of that ego and you can tell everyone how much money you have and all the places you donated, the point is, your helping out veterans, the homeless, animals, kids, women, men, ect, whatever organization it is. I really do wish that more of these "celebrities" would take this to heart and do something with the godless, insane, ridiculous, crazy, incredible, excessive, amounts of money that they make of "normal" ppl like all of us watching them wherever they go, reading about them in tabloits. We are the reason they can demand 50k appearance fees to host a night at a bar/nightclub to draw more of us in, or to host a new years eve party and get a cool 1 million for 3 hours or drinking and dancing then MAYBE singing one or 2 songs(if there a singer not cause there drunk), staying in your sanctuary private VIP room where none of us minions can talk to you or GIVE YOU A HUG? HELL NO. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING ASKING ME A QUESTION LIKE THAT? Do you realize what this shirt cost me? don't do it, dont. "$1127" He did it. What kind of loser actually tells other ppl what he paid for a shirt....i'll tell you a rich asshole who doesn't donate to charity.
Charity Swearbox is a virtual swear jar that encourages Twitter users to donate to their favorite charity every time they drop a tweet bomb (video). The site was created by James Dow, Rameet Chawla......
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