Saturday, October 22, 2011

Agent -- Center Olin Kreutz walks away from New Orleans Saints - ESPN

Agent -- Center Olin Kreutz walks away from New Orleans Saints - ESPN:

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Summary: After spending his first 13 years with the Chicago Bears lineman Olin Kreutz was dealing with negotiating a new contract last year and had even offered to take a reduced salary so he could remain with the same team and retire a Bear but when things became public it got messy and he eventually signed a 1 year deal with the Saints. He is 34 years old and has been playing football for around 20 years so when he's been hurt on and off throughout this year it's been frustrating. Kreutz has a sprain of the medial collateral ligament in his left knee and it seems between the frustration of that and the stress of his split from Chicago has caused that passion that kept him going for the game to disappear. He and his agent had a meeting with the coach and owner because he felt it's just not in his heart right now and he does not want to collect a check if he can't give it 100% everyday.

My take: Finally. Thank you Olin Kreutz. After listening to all the bitching and moaning for months about the football players contracts and now dealing with the basketball players it's refreshing to hear a guy say I'm not going to game the system. He didn't need to say anything, he's a 6 time pro-bowler and he's still playing at a high level even with that sprain. Kreutz just basically refunded the Saints over half his salary because he didn't feel it was right and I applaud him for that. Think about how many times we've seen players walk away from our favorite team over the refussal to give that extra 2 million per year that another suiter had to offer, or they wouldn't add anymore guaranteed money and all of a sudden poof, he's gone. Player's change teams every other year it seems like lately. There is no loyalty anymore, other then Peyton Manning and Tom Brady players just don't stay with one team past their initial contract anymore and if they do it's for 100 million(ie:Brady, Manning, Peterson, Johnson)

Let's show our kids this guy, Olin Kreutz deserves some fans, I can tell you this....he got at least one more when I read this story.

+Joshua Hastings