Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Palmer to Raiders.....it looks like

+Joshua Hastings


So, one of the all-time worst, stingiest, cheapest, ignorant, clueless, stands his ground and refuses to trade Palmer unless he gets blown away by an offer and Palmer lets him off the hook and stays at home(like he said he would) because he stated he would never put on a Bengals jersey again, so Brown does not have to pay Palmer his salary for this season. Then, the Raiders are playing inspired football to start the year and even better since owner Al Davis passes away and they lose their starting quarterback to injury....this is after an offseason in which they lost their top pick Robert Gallery and best defensive player Nnamdi Asomugha both to free agency. Somehow with all of this happening around the team they are playing their best football in years, maybe even in a decade.

Well, they made that idiot owner of the Cinncinnatti Bengals that offer that "blew him away" with a first round pick and a conditional second round pick that turns into another first round pick if the raiders win a game in the playoffs this year.....Well, I don't really like the owner if you can't tell but it looks like the Bengals are going in the right direction, they have some good young talent in Dalton at quarterback and the kid from Georgia at receiver so with these high picks hopefully they can keep building...

what do you guys think? Did Raiders give up too much? Bengals made the right move?