Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What's new and why start this???

Hello everyone....Well, this is my first EVER blog entry in my first ever blog so I want all the imput I can get. I started doing this because my friend suggested it was a good way to get the word out about my new website. Let me just explain real quick. I've been collecting autographed sports memorabilia myself for about 9 years seriously. A little here and there before that but once I was working full-time and out of school is when I really got into finding the best deals, comparing what was selling were and for how much, what companies you can trust and what questions you need to ask before committing your hard earned money and what to look for when browsing the hundreds and hundreds of items.

A few years later when my collection got to be around 100 pieces a few friends were looking at what I had and wanted to buy some things from their favorite teams and wanted to know what i'd be willing to sell them for. I hadn't really thought about selling anything so I had no idea but I did some research and realized that the majority of my collection was worth a lot more then what I had paid originally. We sat down and looked at what the asking price of the Tom Brady Pro Bowl jersey was and then I looked at some auctions on other sites so I could see what people were honestly paying because you know that the asking price for a lot of the items are inflated because everyone wants to haggle ect ect. I ended up taking $200 off the jersey for my friend and selling it for $300 autographed with a COA(certificate of authenticity) and with a picture of Brady signing it even. Even today that jersey is still hanging in his office now at his new house.

It really is such a great feeling to get an email from someone who just received your jersey, baseball,photo ect in the mail and wants you to know how happy their dad was for father's day or there son was on their birthday. When I walked into my friend's office and saw that hanging up it really made me want to continue this because I needed something like that to keep me going. Between the economy the way it is right now and dealing with all of the fakes out there its hard to gain customers trust. I can sit here and explain for hours where I got something, how I trust its real, the coa being from a reputable company and only dealing with businesses that are honest. But when it comes down to it you need to stand out and i've been able to once I talk to someone and show them what I have to offer but it's getting someone to send that first email. The big stores out there that buy in bulk, and can beat your price on some of the mass produced items but they don't even come close when it comes time to explain your questions, fix a problem that happened in shipping or something as little as let you know what is the best way to display your new jersey. You end up getting 3 different people each time you try to contact someone at the company and have to explain over and over what you need and that's if you can get a call back.

The advantage I have is that I personally am the one getting your email, calling you if you would rather talk on the phone instead because it's too hard to explain in an email or doing the research you requested because you need the most cost effective way to ship your new painting of Tiger Woods autographed safely to Australia. Random....I Know....But that's a real one that I got the other night actually. I hope I come to mind the next time you want to get dad that Ted Williams signed baseball for his special 50th birthday present or that Mickey Mantle autographed baseball for father's day. I can guarantee I will always compete with anyone in regards to price but where i'll be able to stand out is when you need something last minute or you have a problem and you want help. I make sure every customer that emails me knows they are my #1 priority at that moment and I will do everything I can to make sure they can go to sleep knowing there not just going to get a great deal there going to love the authentic item that's on its way......

I'll be writing tomorrow about some sales I'm going to be doing as a promotion so if there is anything that you see and you like just let me know and maybe I can work that into the sale just for you..