Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What can you request? I don't know exactly what I'm looking for but my brother loves basketball

I've got all kinds of emails from people wanting to know if i'd be willing to take $60 for the Michael Jordan autographed North Carolina Jersey that's listed for $900.....the answer is NO by the way, could you just let me know the best price you could do on any Lebron James Jersey.

Ok, first of all, the first step is just an inquiry. Feel free to email me anytime and make an offer for something. But think about it this way, pick something that you really love and have purchased in the past and pretend someone was emailing you and made an offer to buy it for $25 when you paid almost a grand for it last year and it's still in the box. Everyone's first instinct is to rattle off an email telling them exactly what you think of their offer. Well, that's not how I take it or how most people do once they have been doing this for a little while. It's a digital world now and with internet giving everyone access all around the world there are options everywhere. From buying a new cd player, to a car, to even a house. Everyone just wants to get the best deal possible. I completely understand.....but, just please be reasonable and fair. That's all I ask, I'll never write a rude email back or post a negative comment about you ect ect. You will always get a response from me whether it's an invoice with a thank you and shipping questions or a polite answer letting you know what I would be able to do for you on that item. As long as you think what your offering is reasonable then i'll consider it and do the best I can.

As I said previously, I want every person that I deal with to know that they are my number one priority right now. Whether they have already bought a baseball and wanted to find a case to safely display it that's quality but available at a good price or are looking for a Jordan jersey but your not sure exactly what yet and are still comparing. I understand I don't have what every customer is looking for all the time. I'm still willing to help though. I'm going to build my customer base through making sure that every customer that needs help gets it so the next time they need something, i'm the first place they check because they know i'll work the hardest to make sure they not only get the best deal but get something that authentic.

Some of these items cost a lot of money. But it's not always just about the money. A lot of items have a standard price that every place you look, it's going to be about the same. Well, in situations like that, i'm going to be the one that can really set myself apart because after you make your purchase, I still want to hear from you. I want to know how your brother liked his new signed Tom Brady football, how your mom was so excited by the Boston Team signed Baseball that she didnt put it down all day on christmas and how your dad went and took down the clock in the living room just so he could put up his new Wayne Gretzky photo you got him. These are the kinds of stories that really make my day when i'm sitting at my desk listing items for 5 hours on a Tuesday and I haven't got an email all week.