Saturday, September 10, 2011

Marcus Smart, Phil Forte commit to Oklahoma State Cowboys - ESPN

Marcus Smart, Phil Forte commit to Oklahoma State Cowboys - ESPN:

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Well, time for North Carolina to move on to the next Mcdonald's All-American. Marcus Smart is going to be a big time college player and bring a winning attitude to the Cowboys. He has won everywhere he has played and only the last few months has he been getting the national headlines. I first heard about him right at college basketball in the recruiting section when i was looking through who North Carolina was offering. At a school like UNC there are not a lot of unknowns on their "wish list" but this was the one name that was a mystery to me so I look at his ranking and it was in the high 40's overall I believe maybe a little lower and I know he was even further back previously but when North Carolina is interested everyone may want to take a closer look because Roy Williams develops a very high percentage of his players off to the NBA, in fact he's one of the most successful college coaches in regards to his players being drafted ever. With UNC it's never a rebuilding year though, it's more like reloading. They don't have quite the turnover that Coach Cal does at Kentucky but it seems like Coach Williams goes more in 2 year cycles and Cal does 1 and done. I'll give him credit though, for him to mesh all of those top players together year after year and have them buy into his dribble drive team concept all while ranking near the top of Division 1 in defense. Now that is pretty special. A North Carolina vs. Kentucky match-up is going to be a close one but I have to give the edge to UNC with Hensen and Zeller starting and then having a possible lottery pick in James McAdoo coming off the bench? That sounds an awful lot like Marvin Williams back a few years ago, remember when UNC came in with all the hype, won the national title, and then tied the record for most players drafted in the first round and had a bench player end up a lottery pick? Crazy......