Thursday, September 8, 2011


Ok, so here is where our first donation is going to be going......the suspense is building......still......ok enough of that. haha. It's going to be The Edge Basketball Club located out of Western Massachusetts, Gill is the mailing address to be exact but I'm sure many of you don't know where that is you we can just say western mass. To get to the website go to

To be fair, I want to say I have a little insight into how its run because it was started by my father, who happens to be the police chief in the town of Gill. Between work, him coaching the high school boys varsity basketball team at Pioneer Valley Regional School and his wife coaching the girls varsity basketball team at Pioneer they still find the time to run "The Edge" which is a non-profit basketball club run for boys and girls ages 10-17 with several teams in between. They are given a positive role model as a coach with a family orientated approach that combines positive attitude and a strong work ethic combined with enhancing their cultural knowledge, educational opportunities and awareness of others as some of the life skills necessary to succeed.

Besides donating the immense amount of time it takes to simply run this type of organization David Hastings has always dove head first into what he is passionate about. After meeting him for 10 minutes you will surely know that two of those things are kids and basketball. It's not just about his kids either. While originally my brother's and I have played on teams the majority of the years there is not one child of his on the team he is coaching. It's not just a parent trying to chase his dream through his kids or elevating his child's path while protecting him, he wants to reach as many kids as he can and give them a chance to not only succeed at high school basketball and beyond he wants to see them graduate high school, graduate college, get that great job, get married. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten an email from him telling me about another player that is going to this college or just graduated and is working here or there. It's obvious this is something that really drives him and it makes me smile to see him so happy. He's genuinely proud of every single one of those kids.

When they can't afford to come to the next tournament he offers to share his room so they can come, every weekend he's bringing a few of the players in his car while his wife brings a few more, lunch is made for everyone because no one should go hungry. ONE THING IS ASKED FOR IN RETURN. That's to give 110% on the court that day. He wants those kids to get the most out of their ability, and he is there every step of the way to give them that chance.

 I know how much it costs for entry fees, uniforms, gas, meals, hotels ect and it does not just end there. He runs a basketball camp during the summer weeks and past players come back to help. It's one of the greatest examples of what values he has taught when you see how many former players will come back from college when they get that phone call to help out. Every little bit helps so with every purchase made this month I will donate 5% of sales to the Edge Basketball Club. NOT PROFITS, 5% OF SALES. 

If anyone would like to make a donation themselves I would be happy to stay in contact to let them know exactly how there money was spent and what exactly was done. Believe me, it's a great feeling knowing that you made something possible by just a little giving. Please contact me for donations or contact the Edge directly. Thank you for all your help.

Keep the ideas coming please, I still need to know 10 more places where we are going to be donating besides Toys For Tots and The Edge Basketball Club.