Thursday, January 9, 2014

Bama seemingly about to make a MONUMENTAL MISTAKE.....



The university of alabama is reportedly interviewing former Tennessee and USC disaster of a head coach Lane Kiffin. Kiffin has so far in his illustrious career built a 35-21 record between those 2 schools and lost in both bowl games he coached.... 21 losses in 5 years, that's about 4 losses per year at a school that was a national powerhouse before he arrived. USC is a DESTINATION that players have historically flocked to. The Trojans have all of the west coach to recruit and especially with the number of players in the southern California area. So far its pretty obvious coach Kiffin has only gotten jobs because of his last name. His father Monty Kiffin is the creator of the "tampa 2" defense that was so popular with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In more recent news, Monty Kiffin was the defensive coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys defense that gave up a record number of points throughout the year. There were injuries on the defense that became too much to overcome as you can only coach up talent to a point.

Lane Kiffin Coaching Career Stat

Someone PLEASE TELL ME WHAT THE FASCINATION WITH THIS ARROGANT, SELF ABSORBED, RICH, JACKASS. The man continues to walk into these incredible opportunities year after year of disappointment with where he is....I can't even find the last time he coached a team to the end of his initial contract....maybe he never has. How do you expect your school to recruit and keep kids when the coach leaves every 2 years....