Thursday, January 9, 2014

Oh how the mighty have fallen....

North Carolina ESPN article link

The university of North Carolina is one of if not THE best college basketball program in the country....some would go with UCLA or Kentucky but for me its no doubt the Tar Heels are the best. The problem is they sure as hell aren't playing like it. With a handful of top 100 recruits every year to re-stock their system when players leave for the NBA early after their freshmen year they should be a top 10 team. PERIOD. Looking at them on paper I would never see them losing to a team like Miami....Good Ol Roy Williams teams always seem to have a problem with teams that are lanky and athletic. Miami is one of those teams. Hopefully they move on and start blending together better on the court.

The Tar Heels are 3-0 versus ranked teams yet have lost 3 times to teams that don't have a single McDonald's All American, while they have 4. Yes they are dealing with injuries along with the surprising dismissal of PJ Hairston who was their best outside shooter and ready to have a monster year. Hairston was lighting up the summer league and poised to have his best year yet but after 2 public arrests in which he was driving a car that was rented by a known drug dealer put the pressure on the team to make a statement. Unfortunately for North Carolina they don't have another guy to just throw into that 2 guard spot that has the shooting ability of Hairston.  He's big, strong, powerful and he has a beautiful touch from outside....  

Nobody is still thinking about the 3 teams ranked that you beat, remember it's a what have you done for me lately kind of school, and the only thing they have done lately is LOSE. and LOSE TO TEAMS THAT SHOULDN'T EVEN MAKE THE NCAA TOURNEY!