Sunday, December 15, 2013


Every time I think I've got a handle on the have's and the have not's in THE LEAGUE those jacked up little juicers play some sort of Pop Warner exhibition masked as NFL football and I have to change the channel so I don't throw the remote through the TV.

Alex "just manage the game" Smith puts up 56 on the Raiders, San Diego beats the Broncos and MR. Football by 7 and the depleted Patriots play down to their competition in a place that always gives them a tough game against the Dolphins and the suddenly tough Jeff Fisher coached Rams manage a way to beat Sean Peyton, Drew Brees and the rest of the Saints while giving up nearly 400 yards passing and only putting together 158 themselves. Fisher once again is putting his stamp on his team and bringing winning to a recently hapless franchise quietly controlling nothing but the score and turnover battle. 

After dominating the scoreboard to the tune of 26-3 against the practice squad Packers the Cowboys we know and love have come back(and by come back I mean back down to the pitiful, unpredictable, unreliable and longtime losers that they are) and let the Packers get back into the game by giving up enough points to take a all to close 36-30 lead at the 2 minute warning. Predictably enough the Boys in Blue let Green Bay run off a 7 play drive ending in a 1 yard rookie Eddie Lacy TD run for a 1 point lead Packers.

In the division no one wants to win, the NFC Least, after a surprising upset victory over the Lions who were a popular pick to make a playoff run, they snapped back into reality and hopelessness taking a 48-30 schlacking by the hapless Minnesota Vikings and lifetime backup Matt Cassell. Cassell lit up the Eagles so called defense for 370 yards and cruised to the victory even though possible NFL dark horse MVP Nick Foles stacked up 396 with 3 td's and almost 200 of them to superstar DeSean Jackson.