Saturday, May 5, 2012

In the state of Ohio this Kentucky sex offender should be required to register there after this one this guy just took Urban Meyer into an alley, turned him around and bent him over and didn't even bother with the lubrication.

To make a long story short, Ohio State and their new head football coach Urban Meyer had gotten a commitment from Alex Anzalone who is one of the best Defensive Ends in nation and overall rated as the 65th best player at any position by ESPN's high school rankings. During his recruiting visit for the Spring intra-squad game he and a few other recruits were asked to take a picture with a "fan" named Charles Waugh. Charles is a registered sex offender in Kentucky and posted this and other photos on his twitter account. 

In what must be a frightening proposition for parents across the country who have talented young men thinking about taking their talents to Columbus, Ohio it has become clear that at least 1 of the thousands of sex offenders has found his way much much to close to the Ohio State campus and apparently close enough to the football teams prospects that he was able to take a picture during a recruiting visit with some student athletes. He's from Kentucky and is registered there with the offender registry. 

As soon as Ohio State caught wind they did their best to alert students and student athletes of the possible implications of their interactions but the warning was not enough for the parents of Alex Anzalone . His father immediately voiced his opinion with his son and soon after Ohio State got the news.....they lost one to the bad guys.

Predators 1 Buckeyes 0