Saturday, May 12, 2012

Boston Celtics battle again and lean on defensive veteran to pull it out

Once again the aging, past their prime, over the hill, tired, hurt, Boston Celtics overcame their shortcomings and won another playoff game and got 1 step closer to adding the big 3's second banner to  the historic Boston Garden Rafters. This time it was the upstart Philly 76ers who took down the Derek Rose-less Bulls in the first round after he tore his ACL and took his all too common seat on the bench which the Bulls have grown much more accustomed to this season then anyone imagined. The missed games were through no fault of Rose who decided against early season surgery, rather opting to take the necessary games off here and there throughout the season and deal with the constant pain to stay in the battle of the NBA East with his Bulls teammates. 

Throughout this game shortened, lockout threatened, injury filled NBA season the Boston Celtics heard the talk, that's because it wasn't whispers, no, the naysayers were yelling, making it loud and clear that the aging cast that Boston and Ainge had built around was too far past its prime to do anything in the playoffs, let alone threaten a team like the pre-season odds on favorite, Miami Heat. The Heat ended up once again dominating the regular season in the East aside from the Bulls and Lebron James once again claimed the MVP award putting up his incredible stat-line of points rebounds and assists and surely AGAIN finishing on the all-defensive team as well. So, how would the Celtics who were so thin on their back-line, injured at key positions and with their defensive stopper playing uninspired ball dream of doing any damage when it counted???

That's just it, the Celtics once again is showing ppl that they have their own formula for this, they play big in the biggest moments, sometimes they don't show up when the spotlight is off, sometimes they frustrate the hell out of the Garden faithful, but when it's showtime, the big 3 put in BIG WORK.....they put together a string of wins against teams they could see in the playoffs, the showed the league they could beat the almighty and now they are beating who they are supposed to, mentally preparing for the showdown that everyone not in Florida wants to see.....Another Miami meltdown courtesy of the past their prime, over the hill, aging, injured BOSTON CELTICS!