Monday, March 11, 2013

NFC West gets stronger with the addition of Percy

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Look out San Fran your competition for best looking in your division just got a little tougher as the defensive minded Seattle Seahawks are on the brink of acquiring speedy receiver Percy Harvin from the Minnesota Vikings. The teams have agreed in principal and the Seahawks are expected to give up their 1st round pick at the least but the deal won't be finalized until Harvin passes the physical today and then works out a contract extension to stay in Seattle. The Seahawks don't plan on dealing away their valuable first round pick even in this years somewhat down draft for a rental player, Harvin has 1 final year remaining on his rookie contract he signed with the Vikings after coming to the NFL from Urban Meyer and the Florida Gators.

While I still believe that the Seahawks strength lies in their extremely talented, tough, smash-mouth defense, I think giving quarterback Russell Wilson, who will be entering his second year in the league, a fast and explosive play-maker in multiple facets of the game is a great addition. Quarterbacks in the past have struggled in season two often when opponents have had an entire off-season to dissect game tape and study tendencies. A perfect example of another dynamic quarterback who had a breakout rookie campaign followed by that "sophomore slump" is Cam Newton. Hopefully, giving Wilson another above average option in the backfield as well as down-field can take some of the pressure off and allow him to continue to improve. 

I think the 49ers still have the better team at this point and with so many picks in the upcoming draft have the option to do a variety of things to improve. The back of their defense is the spot where they may have a weakness and with a player like Revis coming back from a bad season ending injury with the Jets the Niners can quickly improve by packaging some of those picks to the Jets. The money is where the 49ers may be more hesitant. DO they really want to give up several picks to acquire a player that may not ever get back to playing like his old dominant self? If they do decide to just go all in and make the trade then exactly how much money is Revis going to want in a new deal? He's already said he wants to be the highest paid player in football! Not DB's. Not defense. Football! Revis is an INCREDIBLE PLAYER, I'd love to have him on my team and would absolutely say pay the man like he deserves to be paid. He deserves to be the top paid DB in the NFL....not the top paid player. 

It's your move San Fran....whatcha gonna do now?