Sunday, March 10, 2013

How important is a player rated #1 in the 2013 class when your a team like UNC that already has several top recruits committed in the next 2 years???

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Some would say that no one player can truly dominate the game in the way that it really doesn't take a so called "team" to win. At schools like UNC, Duke, Kentucky, Indiana and the other top caliber collegiate basketball powerhouses most years recruiting classes include more then 1 Mcdonalds all-american. You'd think that with so many highly touted players flooding in, mixed with the other so called "veteran" players that no one player could be greater then the sum of its parts as they say.

The NCAA and their "expert" commentators like to talk about this so called parity that exists in the 2013 world of college basketball. They point to the number of #1 ranked teams that have been knocked off week after week throughout the regular season. Here's the thing....there has not been a team that won the national title and finished with less then 30 wins since 1997. That's 16 years. When we really look at what teams are going the distance and cutting down the nets yes of course there are always a few feel good Cinderella moments, many upsets and unknowns making a name for themselves now that they are in the national spotlight, but in reality, Goliath usually does beat David.

As for that question about the value of landing that #1 player coming into college who often spends less time worrying about homework then my 3 year old nephew during their 1 year detour on the expressway to "The League"....ask Kentucky coach John Calipari about what that #1 recruit means. The wildcats had the best recruiting class in the country coming off a national championship and STILL have been on the ESPN first 4 teams out list until their win over Florida last night put them into the projected field and into the last 4 in category. They struggled throughout the season but managed to lose in a embarrassing fashion in the first game without superstar Nerlens Noel(#1 rated recruit). They have played more like a team without an identity then any other team I can think of since losing Noel to that season ending injury.