Monday, February 20, 2012

When the fight after the fight goes outside the ring

+Joshua Hastings 
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This is the kind of thing that gets boxing talked about for a few days while putting it front and center in the spotlight of the sports world. That's a place where boxing used to be, a place where you heard Mohammed Ali challege any takers to step in the ring and earn themselves a loss, where Mike Tyson's vicious knockouts were talked about instead of his vicious chompers and a guys ear. 

Now, while boxing still brings in millions and tens of millions and even hundreds of millions on the likes of Manny Pacquao and Floyd Mayweather a niche sport like MMA is starting to build more and more marketshare. While there are many doubters from the sports world about MMA taking a serious bite out of all that revenue boxing makes no one can be certain and no one can discount the fact that part owner Dana White has managed to turn a struggling, barley televised, almost underground society into a pay per view juggernaut. 

This fight after the fight is going to do nothing to bring boxing back to it proud days.....that's for sure. Some say whether it's good news or bad news, any news is good news....but only in the short-term. This will turn off many people who want boxing to be filled with the real bravado combined with the integrity it takes to show what you have in the ring and back up what you say between the ropes....not after the bell.

What's your take???