Friday, February 24, 2012

For the FIRST time in the HISTORY OF BASEBALL a suspension has been overturned

Ryan “There is synthetic hormones in my urine but that does not matter because the integrity of the process was damaged when the chain of custody was broken with my sample” Braun, the Milwaukee Brewers syringe superstar is suspended no more.

In a historic, questionable and from nearly everyone who has followed this entire process, UNBELIEVABLE VERDICT OF overturning Major League Baseball's original decision to suspend Braun. Braun's attorneys argued not against the synthetic in his system which raised his levels from a typical 1:1 all the up to a 3:1 but that the lab technician whom did the test. After finishing up at the lab procedure is to immediately bring the sample to a FedEx facility but since it was later in the afternoon the technician decided to just bring it Monday. He also was concerned with keeping the chain of custody in tact and the sample safe so he brought it home with him instead of leaving it in the lab.....

Couple problems I have with all of this.....First, why exactly wasn't Braun pressed as to why this synthetic was in his system to begin with? It's not produced by the body so obviously it got there somehow right? If he's been so wrongly accused and this has ruined his reputation falsely with all of the eronious reporting that has been done, then why wouldn't he want to get this all straightened out? He made it seem all along that he was the victim, this isn't his fault, really came off like an entitled, better then everyone else, stuck up, millionaire athlete. I really used to like him to be honest, but throughout this process I've seen him react with such arrogance that it really just made me want to say just shut the hell up and serve your suspension, come clean, apologize and then we all can move on!

Also, I really don't buy the technician's explanation for why he took it home for the weekend. ESPN reported that there were 14 different FEDEX facilities open in the area between the ballpark and his house yet he didn't bother? WHY? Maybe HE really is the bad guy here and something happened at his house and he or someone tampered with the sample. It's not out of the question, how do we know he didn't, it's like myself, you or even the arbitrator could know for sure what kind of guy he is by only going on his testimony/meeting him for a few hours. Yes we can form an opinion but who really knows?

Personally, I'm just disappointed in Ryan Braun. I'm also disappointed in myself. I'm bothered by the fact that I seemingly don't go by the mantra innocent until proven guilty. I think some of it comes from all of the past cases where I've seen these overpaid, arrogant, liars stand up and lie straight to the camera over and over and over and over. Mcgwire, Palmeiro, Canseco, Sosa, Bonds, Rodriguez and Clemens just to name some of the biggest names all, AND I MEAN EVERY SINGLE GOD DAMN ONE OF THEM, LIED, MORE THEN ONCE. Why can't anyone just stand up and be a man? Shit, you got caught already, throw in the towel, just tell us how you did it, why and apologize. We all know that the next 40 HR and 120RBI season and all would have been forgotten. All in all I hope that Ryan Braun is truly innocent, I hope I didn't just get fooled one more time, what is your take?

Should the suspension have been overturned based on there technician's chain of custody decision or is his record in the field along with reputation give him the benefit of the doubt??