Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happy 25th Birthday man, I love you like a brother

Today is a celebration, a day to look back on the first 24+394 years of his life. When he was in his infancy strangers would stare and point, some would even joke about how he looked, talk about how bad he was. He heard the whispers, he saw the stares, and like a man on a mission, slowly they started to come around. As the years passed more and more basketball fans got used to him being at every game, more and more leagues invited him to participate.

 Not the kind of guy to hold a grudge he answered every call, showed up everywhere he was wanted. He brought an excitement to the game of basketball that gave an edge to a different style of play, gave teams that didn't have size a way to compete. 

ESPN-Living+Dying by the 3

When I played ball, we hung out daily, he was my best friend most of the time, we had our bad times, like the semi-finals of the state championship, I was mad as hell, but I knew it wasn't his fault, and by the time the big game rolled around, we were back on the same page.

 After 25 years he's a big part of nearly every single basketball game around the world, his popularity just grew and grew until it could grow no more. You'd be hard pressed to find someone that wants to see him let's all give a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the THREE POINT LINE in college basketball and remember all the memories. 

Just think, how many of the sportscenter highlights revolve around those last second, game changing, full court, dagger in the heart of one team, unbelievable miracle for another, 3 POINT SHOT?????

+Joshua Hastings 
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