Thursday, November 17, 2011


Against Michigan State and Tom Izzo, watched by Bob Knight, Mike Krzyzewski became the winningest coach all time in Men's division 1 college basketball history on Tuesday night.  To add in a little unique fact to history, the man Coach K passed to set the wins record is also his mentor in basketball, coaching and life, and Knight is actually Krzyzewski's college coach and the coach who held the all-time wins record himself....until Tuesday night. Bob Knight held the historical mark since he surpassed the legendary Dean Smith of North Carolina lore. All 3 men will always have their own spot in college basketball history for their own special reasons.

Dean Smith did things the right way and went out on top, he coached one of if not the very best player the world has ever seen, MICHAEL JORDAN. Bob Knight coached at Indiana with an iron fist and it was his way or the highway for decades until new marching orders came down and it was supposed to be a "kinder+gentler" Bob Knight. I think whoever came up with the guidelines for that knew exactly what they were doing.....the moment that was signed it spelled the beginning of the end of the Knight era as a Hoosier. He packed his temper and his basketball and started to build a team to call his own at Texas Tech and then walked into the sunset leaving his son, Pat Knight in charge. But when you hire someone based on name recognition you have to take the good with the bad and Knight#2 didn't fare as well in the wins column and is on to the next coaching stop...

Coach K is Duke Basketball, when you think of the classic UNC vs. Duke games it's the battle of 2 of the best ever to march the sidelines....Dean Smith vs. Mike Krzyzewski, Goliath vs. Goliath and on occasion even David vs. Goliath or Goliath vs. David. Lately it seems like the Tar Heels have had the upper hand overall but Duke has been a solid top 5-10 team nearly ever year for the last decade and pulls a #1 seed for the NCAA tournament more often then not. I've heard the sentiment players win games....coaches just lose them. Well, if that holds true then I can guarantee you this, Duke is in good shape because coach k always gets top players into that Duke uniform in front of the Cameron Crazies and he's NEVER going to lose a game for you!

+Joshua Hastings