Friday, November 18, 2011

At the moment the river splashed onto the felt Pius Heinz went from solid poker pro to emerging young poker star

As the first minutes passed Pius Heinz got a feel for those around him at his initial table, sizing up his peripherial opponents that were only numbers on his way to the prize....being named the 2011 WSOP Champion. As minutes turned to hours, hours rolled by until break then repeat, hours into days, days into weeks and then it was over, he had made it, he was part of the "November 9", Pius Heinz was entering the final stage of his journey after weeks of waiting in anticipation, sharpening his mind and body, thinking through every scenario.

Starting the day in 7th place wasn't ideal obviously but his aggressive style and poker gods teamed up to push him to the lead, and then into a commanding position of half the chips in play with 3 players left including himself. However, with a couple days off before play resumed Heinz chose to get away and relax to refocus and formulate his plan but things didn't work out as anyone expected due to Lamb being eliminated by Staszko 4 hands in. Between Heinz losing a hand to Staszko and that knockout the lead was now gone that he had worked so diligently to build.

The heads up match went jab for jab as they made their way around 100 hands in until Heinz was looking to fading but he says he never lost his confidence that he started with inside. After a double up and another double up and then the fateful hand that made another young-gun a multi-millionaire.....Add Pius Heinz to the German Millionaires List!

+Joshua Hastings