Saturday, December 14, 2013

Orpik gets punked like a typical Penguin and in typical penguin fashion their "franchise" player cries more in a game then the whole floor at the infancy clinic in a year.

How about a topic that has completely been overblown, exaggerated, dissected and redirected by people in and around professional hockey....some from x-players and coaches and then a bunch from random "official NHL commentators" who have chosen to either ignore the subject completely or essentially absolve Thornton of his thuggish actions.  When I say thuggish actions, I actually mean it as a complement. I'll explain.

So, Mr Orpik opens up and sets the tone by intentionally "green lighting" one of the Bruins "perceived" young future budding stars, Loui Eriksson and kneeing him in the head as he knee-led on the ice. Erikkson's tough guy terminator and own hometown hero Shawn Thornton immediately challenged Orpik to a straight up fair fight which the 6'2" 219 lb defense men shamelessly refused. It's bad enough this breaks "old school" protocol but with the bad blood already boiling from Stephen Neal's cheap-shot on Brad Marcharnd for which he got a 5 game suspension. 

Shawn Thornton is listed at a solid 6'2" and weighs all of the 217 in the media guide. SO YOUR TELLING ME HE ACTUALLY WEIGHS LESS THEN THE GUY WHO TURNED THEIR -CHICKEN-SHIT, CHEAP-SHOT, COWARD BACK ON HIM. I listed to talk radio like Felger and Mazz lambaste, flambe, burn, and trash what Thornton did in every possible fashion but how about we bring up the ensuing action. 

EVERY ACTION HAS AN EQUAL AND OPPOSITE REACTION.... Should Thornton have just taken no for an answer and waited for the BitchBerg Penguins to send out someone a few inches taller and a significant amount heaver to handle their lack of following that hockey code and "protocol" that they so feverishly pound their drums for now? WHY? The back-trip was a dirty move by an absolutely straightforward, tough, man's man who made a mistake. It was a dirty move. THAT PART WAS DIRTY. Orpik should've fought though...what a fucking coward. YOU DO SOMETHING THAT MAKES AN OPPOSING PLAYER WANT TO BEAT YOUR ASS, TAKE YOUR MEDICINE ASSHOLE. 

I'm sorry for the end result. No one save for pedophiles and sexual sadists deserve immediate and swift action.