Friday, July 12, 2013

Timmy always was a stubborn boy....but he was OUR stubborn boy. article link

Put together a great season between the posts, dominate games, move forward towards the ultimate goal of winning the Stanley Cup series by series, finish the year on top of the hockey world and then take your opinionated, controversial, outspoken ass back to your recliner and tell your team that your gonna take it easy for a while and they are going to deal with it. After the fact that your serious, yes your actually going to just refuse to suit up and forfeit the phat paycheck you turn on your daily news to find out you've been Edmonton. Boston and Edmonton do have 1 big thing in common though....Tim Thomas isn't going to be playing goalie for either team. After a year and a half of "family time" word is your thinking about returning to the ice, and after the meltdown that Pittsburgh had in their pitiful series with the Bruins, they'd be LUCKY LUCKY TO HAVE YOU. There will be competition though, and it won't be coming from too far away, the crosstown rivals are looking for help as well, give the Flyers a look and go with your heart Timmy....