Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Jay Kang and Bill Simmons Create The Oracle Basketball League to Save the NBA From Itself - Grantland

Jay Kang and Bill Simmons Create The Oracle Basketball League to Save the NBA From Itself - Grantland:

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How about this, the players that are in the NBA making money hand over fist, millions upon millions and the owners of these NBA franchises that are making even more money hand over fist over hand, hundreds of millions upon hundreds of millions just sit down face to face and I mean all of them, every player in the league and every owner of the teams and have it out. Why not? What can it hurt? Well, it'll never actually happen that way because they lawyers would never let it, then they wouldn't be making their $1000 an hour to argue with the other sides lawyer making the same $1000 per house. For all they care it can go back and forth forever, it's not like the owners are going to run out of money to pay them.

There is NO REASON, this hasn't been settled at this point, we just saw what happened with football. It ended up being settled for pretty much the same thing that is couldve been settled for the 2nd day of the lockout....but both sides want to posture and inflate their overly HUGE ego's a little more and you know who suffers? Not them, I don't care what they tell you, they don't really suffer nearly as much as the fans do. There are fans that literally drive around the country following their team, 8 different cities for the away games during the season and then the playoffs and home games. That pretty much is their life for that period of time, some of them spend as much time writing, talking, watching football as the NFL coaches do.

Then you get a player that makes one of the typical lock out comments. You know the ones I mean, the one like Latrell Sprewell of the Timberwolves said during the NBA lockout that was 10-15 years ago. After he had already made like 80 million in the last 5-6 years or something he told a reporter they are fighting for their rights because they have too, because they have to feed their family, there kids need clothes for school. WHAT? My parents combined made fucking $40,000 per year when I was growing up, I didn't go to school naked once. NOT ONE TIME. And I had a brother and a sister too. Guess what? THEY DIDN'T GO NAKED ONCE EITHER. That is the kind of statement that makes me want to boycott basketball, the problem? I love it, I really do.

Check out this article and see what you think about a new league being created....maybe a good idea for MR. MARK CUBAN?