Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Can the selfish, egotistical, millionaires think about us for once?

+Joshua Hastings

Now that the first 2 weeks of the season have been officially cancelled I have something that I need to say to the Owners of each and every one of the NBA teams AND the Player's union that are in negotiations with the owners, GET OVER YOURSELVES, OPEN YOUR GOD DAMN EYES, CLOSE YOUR MOUTHES AND LOCK YOURSELVES IN A ROOM WITHOUT YOUR LAWYERS FOR A WEEKEND AND JUST GET THIS DONE.....

look at what is going on in the world right now, there are kids starving going without food or adequate shelter all over the world, veterans coming home after serving their country that are unable to find work losing their homes and families after they are unable to adjust to life out of a battle zone, the Occupy movement is finally starting to get some national headlines on the news, FINALLY!!!! I SAY, and I have to wake up this morning, turn on the tv and ON THE LEAD STORY, I have to hear about how unfair the owners proposal is and how greedy the players are being, how little some of the smaller market teams profit is, blah blah blah. YOUR ARGUING OVER BILLIONS OF DOLLARS......DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW RIDICULOUS THIS IS TO ALL OF US? HOW STUPID YOU ALL LOOK?

I'm personally a HUGE basketball fan, I love watching UNC(North Carolina) college basketball, grew up going to UMASS basketball games and playing high school, AAU travel basketball my whole life and LOVE going to CELTICS games during the winter but hearing all of this bitching and whining is sickening. Come on guys, seriously, your ALL making millions and millions of dollars, get your shit together, figure out a fair split and let's get back to business. Think about all of the people that work throughout the NBA in buildings. There are food vendors, guys that sell t-shirts, tickets, souvenirs, and even clean the bathrooms. What are all of those people supposed to do right now>? While all of you guys making those millions can wait this out and then make a deal a year down the line for the EXACT SAME AMOUNT YOU CAN RIGHT NOW, all of those guys are unemployed right now, struggling to survive, what about the kids that need food at night and dad can't find another job?

Think about someone other then yourself for once and just get this done, sooner rather then later please!