Monday, September 26, 2011

ESPN - OTL: Unspeakable - E-ticket

ESPN - OTL: Unspeakable - E-ticket:

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Quick Summary: Two coach's, a white football coach and a black track coach,  men forever attached in this small southern town of Abbeville, South Carolina over a crame committed before they were ever even born. As it was told in the ESPN article the head coach of the football team, Marty Cann, never knew of the crimes committed by his great-grandfather many many years ago, the man he knew was not capable of the atrocities now attached to his name. Darrell Crawford knows the story, his great-grandfather, Anthony Crawford, was well off, a successful cotton farmer with 427 acres who planned to meet with Jesse Cann in a meeting set up through friends. The exact details are not known but it's said after Jesse making a low ball offer and calling Anthony Crawford an "Uppity Negro" a fight ensued and Cann stabbed Crawford in the back after he got into a fight with one of his friends. Anthony was the one arrested though and while in jail was dragged from his cell by a mob, hung from a tree and then shot many many times and then dragged on the ground with a truck and rope after. This is a very disgusting and shameful part of southern history but its a reality.

My opinion: Darrell Crawford has every right to be angry, i'm sure he has thought about confronting Marty Cann more then once, I couldn't blame him. But, throughout this big story in a small town he's kept his head up and been the bigger man. This is not Marty's fault, it's known throughout town that Marty was one of those well liked coaches that helped all the kids that wanted it. He didn't discriminate between white, black or brown. A person is a person is a person. Let's all let Darrel's family start to heal and let these two men get back to doing what they love without this dark cloud hanging over their shoulders....