Monday, August 17, 2015

Jets coaches talking Geno AGAIN!!! article link

Jets head coach Todd Bowles was forced to once again talk Geno Smith to reporters as he reprimanded him for throwing during his recovery from a locker room fight that left him with a broken jaw. He's excluded from team activities and will reportedly be out from 6-10 weeks. 

The situation really could be a blessing in disguise as many think Smith isn't even the best quarterback on the roster to begin with. The Jets have built a top 5 defense and have acquired weapons on offense but are still going to best be suited to win low scoring ball control games. 

This is just another fateful chapter in the Geno Smith melodrama, he has been a turnover machine his first two years in the league and many have questioned his dedication to his craft and work ethic. Last year there were several incidents that irked the team, he showed up late to at least a few team meetings and was caught on camera cursing at a fan. Just more examples of the immaturity on the Jets former first round pick.

Veteran journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick and his Harvard education have taken over the starting QB duties and its yet to be seen if Geno will ever get another shot in New York. 

Should players lose their starting jobs over injuries??? Years ago, Alex Smith was playing the best ball of his career in San Fran and Jim Harbaugh still continued to go with first time starter Colin Kaepernick.